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Zhuhai City in 1979 established, is located in China's Guangdong Province in the south, the West Bank of the Pearl River Estuary, near the South China Sea, East and Hong Kong, Shenzhen waters connected, 36 sea miles away from the port of Xiangzhu, Macau and South terrestrial phase, 140 kilometers from Guangzhou to the North in latitude 21 degrees 48 '22 to 27 degrees' and longitude LL3 ~ 03' to 114 degrees 19 'between, the land area for 1653 square kilometers, sea area is 6000 square kilometers, there are 146 islands. Zhuhai City, under the jurisdiction of Xiangzhou, Doumen Bay, three administrative districts.
Zhuhai ten views
  • Statue of Fisher Girl in Zhuhai

    Zhuhai is the symbol of the city of Zhuhai Fisher girl statue. Yunu graceful, expression of joy, holding a pearl, dedicated to the treasures of mankind, to the world of light. The statue is a masterpiece of the famous Chinese sculptor, Pan He. Built in 1982, 10 tons of granite stone, divided into 70 parts, 8.7 meters high. Fisher girl image of the blueprint from Zhuhai, a beautiful love story, Fisher girl statue of the successful creation, creating a precedent for China's large seaside statue.
  • New Yuanming Palace

    New Yuanming Palace in February 2, 1997 formally completed and open to the public, it is located in the zhuhai jiuzhou avenue stone forest mountain, covers an area of 1.39 square kilometers, is the manuscript with the old Summer Palace in Beijing, according to the proportion of 1:1 selected the old Summer Palace built 18 of 40 landscape scene, investment 600 million yuan, is one of the first batch AAAA level scenic area in China. New Yuanming Palace combines classical imperial complex, jiangnan classical gardens, buildings and western buildings as a whole, represent the old Summer Palace for tourists. [1-3] New Yuanming Palace combines classical imperial complex, jiangnan classical gardens, built the dreamland, will past XianShanQiongGe Yu Fuhai scattered around, according to the "seeking" Xu Fuhai implication, the east lake named fortuna's. It is the emperors and empresses the trip on the lake, the dragon boat, a good place for fireworks. Is the old Summer Palace in the center of the water activities. New Yuanming Palace fortuna's reproduce the sight of god after the dragon boat parade.
  • Qi'ao Island

    Q Macao island in 13 kilometers northeast of xiangzhou, inside the west of pearl river mouth, 13 km from the island of the music in east, north as opposed to a humen, 1.2 km south away from tang China. A total area of 23.8 square kilometers. The permanent population of 1900 people on the island. Geological as the main body in the granite structure, surface of sand clay, with the bushes, thatched and pine forests, miscellaneous tree, green coverage rate of 90%. High terrain north and south ends, the middle flat, the island was divided into the two and a half, in the northeast to southwest. Island mountains, rolling, 18, 100 meters above the mountain ridge, the highest main peak at chek island lies in the northeast. Four week bears (port) bay is more, there are mainly two oblique bay, emperor, Venus bay, ishii, bay bay, tai wai, bay, the east bay is sandy coast more, mostly alluvial sediment bottom on both sides of the northwest bay mudflats, shallow water, low water dry out.
  • Dong'ao Island

    East Island, English DongAo Island, located in the southeast of zhuhai xiangzhou district has injected, xiangzhou 30 kilometers, wanshan islands in the middle. Area of about 4.663 square kilometers. Because of the island on the east side of the east bay is woven into the central about 1500 meters, forming a large voids, therefore calls the east Australian island. Points in two between north and south part of the island. Along the coast line of the shore. On the hillside with, within 90 meters around the island offshore reef. People on the island of 415 people, equipped with aquatic products, supply and marketing, office, schools, health clinics. There are 4 simple highways, total length of 14.6 kilometers, sufficient water.
  • Tang Paradise

    Total park is located in zhuhai at the northern foot of tangjiawan town eling two hill, lake sea and the mountain, TingXie phase, blotting out the sun tree-lined, beautiful scenery, is a rich tourist resort landscape features of interest. The site was established in 1900, formerly known as "small and exquisite mountain pavilion". In 1921, renamed the "paradise", combine with the citizen. In 1932, t 'ang shao-i contributed the zoo to TangGu Village publicly.
  • Meixi of St. Paul

    River "meixi river" stone monument located "garrel Dr Garden" site, located in the guangdong zhuhai before hills river "meixi river" village, twelve years, built in the qing emperor guangxu (1886) and seventeen years (1891). Existing 3, it is in recognition of the qing dynasty emperor guangxu in Hawaii consular garrel Dr And their parents and others to benefit the native place and built. Published in 1987 for the zhuhai municipal cultural relics protection unit, in 1989 is listed as provincial units of cultural relics in guangdong province, 1992 after repair, in 2006 is listed as national key cultural relics protection units. River "meixi river" arch made of granite, match well of Chinese and western art form, the right of zhuhai mechanical structure and exquisite carving decoration. China's housing art gallery is together the Chinese existing high-quality goods model. According to the zhuhai municipal committee and minister of propaganda by introduction, this is a miniature of the zhuhai "Shanghai history and culture".
  • Agricultural wonders

    Agricultural wonders in zhuhai river "meixi river" ssangyong hill, covers an area of 2000 mu, is directly under the zhuhai agricultural research demonstration base, is China's earliest agricultural sightseeing garden, open and a beautiful environment, display of modern high-tech agriculture sightseeing farm. Rely on high-tech modern agriculture, agricultural wonder create soilless cultivation and blossom, evergreen myth. Here, the water tank on a variety of rare and exotic fruits and vegetables and is big and sweet cantaloupe; The rubble in growing delicate and charming be about to drip of red roses; The bottle out a flower in the deep and remote guest said the butterfly orchid.
  • The sea beach

    Beach waterfront tourist area is situated in the southeast of western zhuhai gaolan island, is a pure natural beach, was named zhuhai ten views. Flying beach about 600 meters long, 200 meters wide, broad hinterland, lush plants. For more casuarina, big leaf acacia, coconut trees, wave drum subtropical tree species, etc. With wave drum trees and among them the most exotic, they grew up in the seaside, strong vitality, round fruit, red with yellow like pineapple, also known as wild pineapples. Every summer, between the branches hung with fruit, from a distance is very nice. Figure fly sand castle peak on both sides embrace, embrace, after a storm comes a calm every summer, ethereal white mist like white gauze lingering in the mountains, beach, soft and bright water quality excellent, the blue sky white clouds, ocean waves bath, is flying beach theme.
  • Zhuhai cemetery of revolutionary martyrs

    Martyr cemetery is located in zhuhai xiangzhou district has injected, front in zhuhai phoenix road, to mark on the evening of April 26, 1925, "xiangzhou mutiny" died martyrs built 27 people. Built in 1979, zhuhai city, on a large scale repair tomb, and bi is the scenic tourist area. Was announced in 1984 for zhuhai municipal cultural relics protection units.
  • boxwood hill area

    Northern huang Yang mountain scenic area is located in doumen district of zhuhai city, guangdong province, the traffic is very convenient, 30 kilometers away from zhuhai city, covers an area of 31 square kilometers, the main peak 581 meters high, is the pearl in the portal. Huang Yang mountain rock eventful, bamboo green grass, bubbling streams, fabulous scenery and fascinating. Scenic area is the zhuhai doumen district government and key development and construction of tourism projects.
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  • Zhuhai characteristic

    Doumen crab、Hengqin ho、Shirato Re、Wanshan prawn
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  • Shopping places

    Open time: 9:00-23:00 Hotel shops on the first floor
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